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Teeth whitening in Guelph

It’s easier than ever to get whiter teeth thanks to advancements in dental technology. Here at Chancellors Way Dental, it’s convenient. You’ll come in to get customized whitening trays, and then use them at home to get impressive results.

When you look at your smile in the mirror, you may wonder to yourself how long it’s been since it was bright and brilliant? Unfortunately, the products you use, often every single day, are contributing greatly to the staining of your teeth. It likely comes as no surprise when our Guelph dental office mentions tobacco. It’s an item that has more than its share of negative effects, and you can add loss of teeth whiteness to that list. You don’t even have to smoke it to experience the effects. If you vape, you will also find that your teeth turn yellow or even brown, especially with heavy usage. Berries are nutritious, but they’re not good for your tooth color. Neither are curry, soy sauce, hard candies, tea, coffee, red wine, and cola, among others. Make your first trip to our Guelph dental office to have impressions taken of your teeth. Those impressions are sent to the dental lab, where they make your whitening trays. You’ll come back to get them when they are ready. Then you simply put them in at night for two to three hours. They work passively, so you can go about your normal routine. In somewhere between a few days and a couple of weeks, you will notice the improvement. The results last you for at least a year and maybe up to several years with proper maintenance.

Set up an appointment at our Guelph dental office. Reach out to us now and book a time that is convenient for you. The sooner you do, the more quickly you’ll have a whiter smile.

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